Welpen/Junghund Evaluation

Was passiert?

Hier habt ihr die Gelegenheit, dass Adam Levy sich euren Hund ansieht und mit euch bespricht. Er wird mit euch besprechen was die Stärken und Schwächen bei eurem Hund sind. Das geht über das gesamte Gebäude mit den Winkelungen, Proportionen, Fell, Kopf etc. pp.

Adam Levy - Next Generation (USA)

Adam is co-founder, head breeder and a trainer at Next Generation. Breeding and producing high quality retrievers has become a major passion.

As a breeder, Next Generation has produced some of the top Chesapeake Bay Retrievers in both the field and in the conformation ring, boasting many AKC Champion and hunt-titled dogs, several Champion-Master Hunters and Qualified All-Age dogs. Next Generation has bred National Specialty class winners, Winners Dog and Winners Bitch on multiple occasions.

Adam is involved in the American Chesapeake Club and believes in maintaining, producing and training a well-rounded dog that can perform its job flawlessly, with the structure integrity necessary to carry out that purpose and hold up well into its senior years.